After using your kayak, rinse it out with clean, fresh water, then deflate it and hang it out to dry. Once dry, carefully fold the kayak up and place it back into its bag.

Folding Your Kayak

After use, follow these steps to fold your kayak to the correct size so it fits in the travel bag. Remove seats before folding.


Folding Instructions (.jpg)


Do not attempt to lift or carry your kayak when full of water. Empty it first by tilting to the side allowing water to drain out. Any remaining water can be drained using the rear drain plug. Remember to close the drain plug after use.

Do not transport your kayak inflated on a car roofrack. Doing so may cause damage. Instead, deflate, fold and transport it inside the car.


When storing your kayak for extended periods, ensure that it is completely dry and free of salt, then fully deflate and fold it up, before putting it in its bag. Store it indoors in a dry place, out of direct sunlight. PROLONGED EXPOSURE TO SUNLIGHT MAY FADE FABRICS. Avoid storing heavy objects on top of your kayak. NEVER STORE YOUR KAYAK WHEN WET.

Avoid bringing your kayak into contact with petroleum products and other potentially harmful chemicals as these may cause damage.