Inflatable kayaks are among the safest and easiest to use water craft available. All watersports are potentially dangerous however and in using your Infinity kayak you accept all associated risks and responsibilities. Some important hazards to be aware of are the following:

Wind - Infinity inflatable kayaks are very light and as such very vulnerable to the effect of wind. Especially when paddling in coastal waters, be extremely careful of offshore winds.

Currents - Rivers and coastal waters often have hidden currents which can prove extremely hazardous to swimmers and kayaks. Make sure you are aware of any river or tidal currents and if in doubt consult an expert.

Sharp/hard objects - Avoid sharp rocks and hard surfaces. They are dangerous to you and can damage your kayak.

Cold - The combination of water and wind can cool you down extremely quickly even on sunny days, so a windproof garment is often a good idea. Be sure to dress appropriately and carry spare clothing where necessary.

Waves - Ocean waves can be great fun on sandy surfing beaches, however on rocky shorelines and some beaches they can be extremely hazardous.

Sunburn - Whilst on the water, the harmful effects of sunshine are multiplied due to reflection from the water’s surface. If paddling in bright conditions, cover up bare skin where possible and wear sunscreen.

If in doubt, ask a lifeguard or other trained expert and above all use common sense and good judgement.